Say Her Name Also

Say her name

Burned to death for speaking out

Placing seeds of doubt

Telling it like it is

Say her name

Burned alive for speaking her mind

She lives among you

The silenced and ostracised

We decry the burning of one

The stinking rotting flesh

Oh her pain

Her dear body oh the pain

Sister we hang our heads in shame

For your pain

The other lives before our eyes

She spoke up too

The civilised few said

We shall not burn her

That is not how our colony stands

We shall destroy her piece by piece

Take her apart in ways only she shall understand

Label her the hysterical woman

Tell you she has lost her mind

Ridicule and reject her efforts in life

From this moment on

The woman

Who spoke out

Shall be shut out

Say her name

If you are allowed

If the closed members’ bars shall deem it so

Say her name

So loud that the walls shake

And the temples of innate veiled darkness




Say her name


Defame the moguls

Say her name

Let her not burn silently inside

Let her not burn alone

Say her name

Amber Agha

Amber is a poet and sound artist living in the UK


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