Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of pressing mute
On the voices of humans,
Sometimes I dream of peace on earth
When there are no more insults,
When there is no more war
Between each other,
Between ourselves.
Sometimes I dream of safety,
Unlimited safety
For every single human of this planet.
Sometimes I dream of justice being served
Without dirty money,
Just justice purely served.
Sometimes I dream of chasing my dreams,
Running fast towards it
Without my own thoughts being an obstacle.
Sometimes I dream of a day
Just a day is enough
Without the voices of chaos
For a day is better than none.

Rosiana Putri

I'm Rosiana, a seventeen-year-old girl from Indonesia. I have been writing since 6th grade and I couldn't imagine a life without writing. I'm also a big fan of fantasy and Cassandra Clare is my hero.


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