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Rosiana Putri

Rosiana Putri

I'm Rosiana, a seventeen-year-old girl from Indonesia. I have been writing since 6th grade and I couldn't imagine a life without writing. I'm also a big fan of fantasy and Cassandra Clare is my hero.

Get Up, Hang On, Then Run.

It is not a shame To lose your footing, To fall and break, To let the darkness in To cry out for help, Because we live on a tightrope. Hope might not be a comrade, Since none hear your cry,…


The world is despicable, Yet the mind is cruel. Pain comes from the mind, Cruel thoughts come from the mind And with that Scars are formed. Scars of any kind; Visible or invisible, Done or in the making. I am…

Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of pressing mute On the voices of humans, Sometimes I dream of peace on earth When there are no more insults, When there is no more war Between each other, Between ourselves. Sometimes I dream of safety,…