My Portrait Of Her

Never once in life did her demeanor be fake,
She indulged in her dream bubble as never to wake.

She failed to realize her bubble burst as demons invade,
Surrounding herself with evil light unknown to the shade.

She sailed smooth into the water floating in pure bliss,
Little did she know she sank harder into the abyss.

Her soul collapsed as reality slapped right on her face,
Unintentionally she drew herself to the unknown place.

She tried hard to hold up with her now fragile heart,
Which was shredded into pieces but strong as nature’s art.

The isolation dawned upon and burnt her alive,
She was just a living corpse breathing to strive.

It’s at maximum frustration one sees their true identity adorn,
Being sucked into a total trap it’s then when a new character is born.

Life isn’t easy and the world never stopped but all carry on,
Worries and fears that plagued her have come and gone.

She was now back in action with  fierce smiles,
Happiness drive throughout her in immeasurable miles.

She was the girl I knew who crumbled down in slices,
But she is also the one who pulled up together her pieces.

This is my portrait of her struggle by my sight,
But there is much more than just words to every man’s plight!

Sumaiya Nifraz

She loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that has soul.


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