Finders Keepers.

Within life’s chaos and busy daily routine I found you
Trying to teach me some of the best lessons of life;

Within the first, weird and funny ice-breaker conversation I found you
Opening up a little by little, even in disagreements you weren’t really that strife;

Within daily giggles and deep defined conversations I found you
Getting closer and closer, being supportive and calling it the I got your back sort of favor;

Within work, recreation and having an amazing time off with friends I found you
Giving me time, making sure I was alright taking up the role as my knight in shining armour;

Within the first fight consisting of confusion between leaving and letting go I found you
Getting upset for the first time for this wasn’t how you expected it to be, never about closure;

Within my busy life of work and hustling towards my goals I now find myself putting your happiness above
Oh tell me, tell me, tell me I am not the only one who is madly falling in love. 

We never really know about God’s plans and where we might actually end up in a few years of time
Yet if I could choose between how long I’d want this to last, I’d undoubtedly choose a lifetime!


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