I am sorry

It was absolutely the first time that they met,
They didn’t have any piece of evidence,
The future that would be waiting for them,
The feelings they never knew.

It was the guy’s eyes that she had seen,
They were brown and dark as night,
It was the girl’s friendly smile,
And their love at first sight.

It was the first time that she spoke,
And no, it was no myth,
That while she stared into his eyes,
He was the one she wanted to be with forever.

Even though he felt the same,
But this girl, she did not know,
That he loved her with all his generous and sensitive heart,
But his feelings he did not show.

So after many hopeless days,
The girl no more believed in fate,
That was when the guy realized,
He had made a huge mistake.

He came back just in time,
To steal that poor girl’s heart away,
She forgave and she forgot,
All the nights she layed awake thinking of him.

He told her that he was sorry,
And if he could have a second chance,
And it was just a while after,
That they had their first meetup in their life.

He always tells her that he is sorry,
And how much he really cares,
She believes him and forgives,
Both had feelings but couldn’t share anymore.

So every night he whispers inside his mind,
Before she turns out her light,
Those three little famous words,
I am sorry.

Shaheera Shaheed

Shaheera Shaheed resides in Sri Lanka. She loves writing poetry & novels.


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