What’s unfortunate?

We both lean on this terrain
Throwing pebbles into this river,
You said you are mine forever
Both hot and cold no matter the weather.

We both read Donne in this room,
Danced to Nina tone in this room,
Lay your back on my cozy bed
And swear to me till you’re dead.

We both ran through the wood
Picking up logs for our hut,
We built it like a pot
Yet it was never hot.

But like chameleon
Your color began to change,
At first, it was a fever
Then cough now no redeemer.

I lean on this terrain
Throwing pebbles into this river,
Awaiting your promise of mine forever
Baby, it’s cold now let’s enjoy the weather.

Awosusi Oluwabukunmi Abraham

Awosusi Oluwabukunmi Abraham is a student at the University of Ibadan, Department of History. A member of the Lyceum organization UI, A poet, essayist, and short-story writer. Hails from Ekiti State, Nigeria. His works have been featured on Merak magazine, Kalahari magazine, poetry anthologies and other places. He greatly believes in the concept of a cultural renaissance.


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