To live by the hills.


Frozen nose and palms,
I watch the city lighting up,
As its people close their eyes
To sleep.

To the slow music I smile in rhythm,
As it begins to rain.
Now the road gets glossy
Reflecting street lights,
Lights of vehicles passing by.

Those little lights I shan’t forget,
That from far twinkle,
Deceiving me like stars come down to earth,
Like fireflies,
Each taking turns and colours.

Drops of rain I catch,
Not to save but to celebrate,
The moment of serenity,
In a city that’s frosting me,
Yet melting my heart out of love,
Out of ecstasy.

This night seems long,
So are my feelings — longing for
More arresting nights like this.

Just me and this winsome city,
The rain and the lulling breeze,
That I wish to remain seized in.

It’s a city that holds too much,
That’s giving me life,
That’s overwhelming me tonight,
In its most sublime form.

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