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I am no Wanderer

I still wonder how to wander
but often the useless burden
turn my journey into futile whispers
of mere dreams and never happen.

A wanderer has no attachment
perseveres as a speck of dust
to the vow she made in the heaven
she knows to return like a bird at dusk.

I am no wanderer, only a lost dreamer
Swayed by my worldly desires
I am ailing as my faith flickers
Nauseous to violence, yet neglecting sufferers.

My weight is heavy as my two feet chained
to the roots of self-imposed dilemma
between my craves for temporal love and the heaven
halt by anxiety of the future and the past enigma.

Hasyimah Mohd Amin
Hasyimah Mohd Amin
Articles: 491

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