I have no words to proper describe my feelings right now,
Thinking about those days when you used to crack jokes and how we used to guffaw. 

Those days when you used to drop me in my class and tell me to study well and not cry,
When all I used to do was cry the second you go and tell you the usual lie that I did try. 

Those mornings you used to dress me to school and allow me to have a nap on your lap,
Both of us being extremely sleepy and at times arguing about the silliest little crap.

Those bus-mates that used to enjoy our fights and laugh the second we get back,
Knowing well about how we truly loved each other by the way we shot our comeback. 

Those mornings when you used to revise tables and English lessons with me on the bus,
Telling me that I had to work hard and study well or how I wouldn’t ever pass sort of fuss. 

If there’s something that I’d like to express honestly right now, is about how I miss your aura,
I really am impatient to join you soon, and make some more wonderful memories together, my loving sister Nusra!

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