When the night falls , stars light up

My sprite reminds me of you.

The way you smile at me which shows your feelings towards me , I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Every little moment I die as often as I lose you , I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

I await the moments we can see each other.

I await the times finally we can hold hands and have a little walk.

I’m counting the days for our next meeting.

Your eyes shine like those millions of stars at night sky.

The charm of yours that I can’t help but smile.

I await the moment where I have my hand in yours and my eyes never leave yours.

To hear those words you whisper softly. 

They say  ” Distance is nothing when someone means everything”

But nothing makes a room feel emptier than waiting for someone in it.

My heart aches , tears roll down through my cheeks;

But when I hear your voice over a phone call, my heart flutters.

You always wipe away those tears that I shed,

Even though you aren’t here. Your sweetest words heal my heart.

But I still miss you and I love you so much. 

So far away , yet always so near.

You are the reason I’m still here.

The kiss you planted on my forehead, I can still feel it.

I lay here staring at your photos.

I’m longing for you and I’m  yearning for you. 

Come back soon, because


To my faraway lover.

Fathima Shafrina Sirajudeen

From Sri Lanka. Writing poems and short stories reduces stress and every single words of my work has come out of my own.


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