Falling Breathless

The heart yearns for the comfort of a familiar body or a soft feeling or being protected and under the care of someone strong and caring.

Yet when these things aren’t achieved, we feel obliterated like a piece of straw that is laying in the kitchen drawers unused and untouched for days.

When the heart pours out its contents and the distress it holds in each and every cell, longing to be held by the only one that only matters. Again we are destroyed like dust in the wind, scattered all over the place; trying to find the way back to the one we love.

How could the heart and body be stable even after the massacre? Why can’t we take the hurt and walk a different path, a road of peace, love and resilience? Why are we stuck in the loop, over and over again? What have we done that makes us so vulnerable by the only soul that we think that matters? Do they really matter the way we think they do? Or do they just defy everything we thought and go about like we don’t exists in this world or in the mere reality? We consider ourselves as strong soldiers who can’t be beaten down by a sword, but we are wrong. When the right sword stabs in exactly that place where we thought we would have the most tolerance or would be protected if we fall. We fall so deep, there is no more getting up.

Shaheeka Sharif

Extrovert running around UAE, yes running in circles. I bond over chai, books and cats.


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