Lost in the Light

The windows never concealed the openness unless it was tinted,

The thoughts never disappeared until it was painted.

Painted with the love that was once forbidden to this lost soul,

Stranded in the darkness despite the lightness that lay beneath his heart.


Standing there, gazing out the open windows as the train ravelled above the sturdy rails,

Seeking the lightness that the sun never filled his days,

Seeking the love that left him in the shadows.

Conquered by the smiles left on his face when his mind wandered as if he were hypnotised,

Staring into her eyes beneath the screen as his soul, now complete.

Being existent is not the same as that of living,

His existence was given reason by every curl of his lips into a smile as he was mellowed by her voice.


The love that was once forbidden did he embrace with no fear,

His phobias he did not consider.

Crowded by the voices in his head did he stand there boldly,

Regardless of the crawling and scrapings of the insides that he could still hear.

Smiling into his screen, abducted by her eyes,

Her voice no more was he blessed to hear.

The cramping of people around him was he woken up by,

Only to find that he was yet a stranger lost in the light.

Humaith Cassim

Drama enthusiast with a passion for screenplays and poetry.


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