A Stitch

A needle and thimble
My fingers do tremble
For I took them out
After much preamble
Will I remember a stitch I learnt a decade and a half ago?

Threads of silk
Veins of cotton
Skeins of varying colors 
To begin this journey 
I need to dig through my box
That needs to be stocked!

In and out went the needle
Up and down stealthily
The calming rhythm of thread and needle
Weaving its way in and out
What begins as a “stitch” 
Is now a pattern
A sight to behold 

Calm it did my mind
Peace it filled my soul
To sit and pursue something beyond the box! 

A break from technology
A break from e-books
A break from social media
Was all it took! 

Threading the needle was how long it took
To recall patterns learnt afore 
Threading the needle was how long it took 
To weave a seamless design

A project I need to complete 
Boredom I need to replete
To prove to myself and not anyone else
That great journeys begin with but a simple step
To prove to myself and not anyone else 
That great patterns begin with but a simple stitch. 

“A simple pattern on cloth was all it took to remind me
that I have all that I need within me.”

Shaziya Fayas

Shaziya Fayas pens under the pseudonym "umayaraa". She is an educator, mum of three and a wannabe publisher.


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