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Shaziya Fayas

Shaziya Fayas

Shaziya Fayas pens under the pseudonym "umayaraa". She is an educator, mum of three and a wannabe publisher.


He stares at me strangely This son of my mine He catches me smiling When there’s no reason or pantomime I’ve wondered down memory lane And can’t keep that smile away. Oh my golden youth! If only I could turn…

A Stitch

A needle and thimble My fingers do tremble For I took them out After much preamble Will I remember a stitch I learnt a decade and a half ago? Threads of silk Veins of cotton Skeins of varying colors  To…


I fill my days complaining I fill my days whining I fill my days moaning Of all that is not right. I fill my days grumbling I fill my days worrying I fill my days all grouchy In spite of…