Why Avid Readers Make Good Life Partners.

Reading is an art and I’m sure we, most of us are already aware of the fact that not everybody is an artist. And before I begin with listing some of the most unique and amazing characteristics of readers which make them GREAT life partners, let me highlight another fact that reading is not the only quality a great man or woman can possess.

Besides, in the article ‘Want a better life? Read’, a well-known professor of Philosophy, Michael W. Austin wrote that making a habit of reading books is useful for training the mind for critical thoughts. And for this, one must learn how to read well, constantly and skilfully. Reading and its most important complement- writing is considered as one of the most prestigious talents universally that which is highly respected, simply because if we didn’t have authors who were also ardent-readers as a result of which they were able to write, put information into proper words and successfully publish a number of educational, fictional, non-fictional, historical and other interesting genres of books, the world and its people would forever remain in the stone-age, using just the flint chart and obsidian stones.

There are too many definitions of a perfect life partner according to so many different people coming from a variety of different nations and cultural backgrounds. For instance, like Robert Brault once said, “What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with”, reading is just one of those perfect characteristics of an individual that is wild enough, and which also includes a number of other interesting advantages to run along with happily for a good long time.

Here are some of the reasons why an ardent reader makes a good life partner:

  • Lust for Learning: In other words, the thirst for knowledge. An avid reader’s mind is forever filled with interesting and intriguing information, in fact they keep on fuelling their brains by reading and learning different genres of books. An individual who knows most of the things around him and is well-educated on different topics is quite intelligent, and is also someone who won’t blindly believe what they are told unless they see it to themselves. Now what’s better thing than having a significant other who is keen to learn new things day by day, book by book and upgrade their knowledge with time than a couch potato who sits in front of the Television besides going to work, eating and sleeping in repeat?


  • Unapologetically Challenging: A reader, an ardent reader in that matter is surely going to teach you intriguing information on a daily basis making sure you’re introduced to a larger, interesting and intriguing book list time-to-time! Challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful, of course. And this specific one in life is simply going to keep your household forever cheerful filled with “who completes the list, who doesn’t, who wins and who is going to lose” sort of weekly, monthly and or even twice in a yearly competitions. If you’re an overly-sensitive person who doesn’t delve deep into books yet get hitched to a bookworm, you better watch out for this one! It’s never too late to open a book and start reading though, as far as you’re willing to make a positive change that will highly impact your life and future in a positive manner, a little challenge now and then that will stir your emotions is good and is highly recommended just to push you further in achieving that perfectionism.


  • Highly Innovative: Just like how their minds are filled with interesting information, their lives are sure to be filled with daring adventures. These are the people who won’t ever hesitate to try out new things. This is partly because they are full of ideas in their minds and partly because of their thirst to get more out of life. More fascinating and adventurous things regardless of its difficult obstacles. If you warn them, they are sure to throw “Even the word ‘Impossible’ has I’m Possible in it!” boldly, because that’s how daring they are. Now who wouldn’t be proud of having such a daring and innovative significant other? If your response is a “Not me!”, know that it’s okay and perfectly healthy to have a little denial now and then.


  • Critical Thinker: One of the most amazing characteristics of a bookworm, and something specific which I have observed in so many of my friends and family who are avid readers for a very long time. The ability to put together facts, analyse them and then come to a meaningful opinion, suggestion, conclusion or even a solution. These people are sure to have so many noteworthy opinions through thousands of pages of the billions and millions of books they’ve read so far. Now think for yourself, is it the one who nods their head for everything you say and suggest, or the one that hesitates to listen to you all the time, disagrees occasionally coming up with even better ideas and suggestions? Right, while the former could be acceptable for quite a short period of time just to keep us entertained and satisfied, the latter one sounds much more interesting and intimidating in a good way to spend a lifetime with in the long run.


  • Empathetic: I am sure most of you all must have come across the saying “A reader lives a thousand lives” and that phrase simply sums up about how an ardent reader will understand you under any circumstances. This is pretty much because they are used to putting themselves in every characters’ shoes under different circumstances while reading a wide variety of genre of books. Big or small, minor or major, when you’re dead-serious or even when you’re faking it as a result of seeking attention, they are going to unhesitatingly give you what you’re asking for without making it a big deal. Simply because they are diplomats who are quite empathetic and understanding. Thanks to the lots of books which have helped them evolve to such an extent.


  • Commitment: Commitment is something most, majority of the population of men and women have a problem with. Especially in the long run, when things get a tad bit tougher and challenging, people seem to let go of it. Be it anything, school, university, job, relationship and just any specific activity they were supposed to stay committed to. Luckily an ardent reader is most probably a person who has no commitment issues. He who reads patiently and completes one long novel without hurriedly and or half-heartedly regardless of whether or not it has an interesting plot, is for damn sure somebody who has no commitment issues. They’ll either commit loyally or stay single forever, that’s for sure.


Besides the above mentioned characteristics, an avid reader is also a good listener who will listen to your endless stories without interrupting in between, the best storyteller who will be able to tell you a number of stories when you’re bored, during long-drives or even at night when you’re insomniac, and is also someone who isn’t clingy! They will know how to spend time on their own with a book or two, giving you the space you need allowing you to have some time for yourself which is mandatory for every individual in order to lead a happy, healthy and hearty life.

Nuskiya Nasar

Nuskiya is a Ceylonese buoyant busy-bee who is currently majoring in Economics at an Institute affiliated to the University of London.


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