The life behind Third-Culture Kids

Is growing up abroad really as grandeur as it sounds or looks? Looks can be deceiving, and while bearing that in mind, what really lies behind the lives of third-culture kids? And if TCK had a choice, would they choose the same fate for their upcoming generations?

Estimation says there’s a population of over 230 Million TCK all over the world, and that pretty much sums it all up. You see, growing up in a country other than your homeland isn’t easy, as the place where you grow up plays a huge role in your developing years. Not having a steady place to call home while you’re growing up makes you confront many culture shocks, while being detached from the place where you grew up emotionally wrecks you and toughens the choice of accepting your parent’s nationality as your own. Children get torn between their lives as their environments keep changing. While adaptation becomes easier for some as their life is inconsistent, adaptation grows to be difficult day by day for some, as they’re constantly being pulled away from their homes as soon as they’ve accepted it.  Change becomes so consistent, that some completely neglect their attachment towards home. They face societies of all sorts with one question: “Where are you from?” and they respond with alleged, or half-hearted responses. Adapting from one country to another, they end up feeling like they’re citizens of everywhere and nowhere. They grow up in completely different environments where everything changes, and they then struggle to accept things and move on. Societies look down upon them as arrogant and pride creatures when the truth is that they’re simply intolerant towards injustice and bullshit. Their ways of talking, walking and lifestyle is constantly connected towards their background, and they’re easily judged and discriminated for their religion and races. Third Cultured Children confront people of all sort for a prolonged period of time, as they get used to their environment. And as soon as they do, it’s time to move out and find another place to settle, or it’s time to go back. Minds are toyed with as attachment and detachment becomes a constant thing. The lifestyles of third cultured kids is not as beautiful as it may seem, as it has its pros and cons too.


F. Zahra Yoonus

This interview was conducted on behalf of Merak Magazine.


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