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A Letter To My Old Self

Dear girl who had a shoddy past, I am hoping that we will never meet again and therefore writing this letter to talk to you, to confess, to thank you for the times you have been there for me when the whole world let me…

Book Reviews

The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney

The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney is a mesmerising novel that is part science fiction,  part mystery and completely enthralling.  Confession time: I am not a sci-fi fan but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this domestic mystery. Tim Scott is a Silicon Valley billionaire whose tech company works primarily with designing…



  Fog horns sound though air soaked in blackness. All evening long listening to hiss of trucks, cars.   Shadows brush across walls as trees trace their branches. Gathering and waving together then swaying apart.   While I sleep, stars glide through heaven making their…