The Perfect Wife by J.P. Delaney

The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney is a mesmerising novel that is part science fiction,  part mystery and completely enthralling.  Confession time: I am not a sci-fi fan but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this domestic mystery.

Tim Scott is a Silicon Valley billionaire whose tech company works primarily with designing robots to interact with the public in various ways. He is socially awkward, works long hours and sets impossibly high standards for his employees.  His workers are taken aback and rather surprised when he announces Abbie Cullen is going to be an artist in residence for the next several months.  Abbie is a breath of fresh air who does not hesitate to challenge Tim’s ideas and beliefs.  Despite their differences, Tim and Abbie eventually marry and have a son, Danny.  Their happiness is marred when four year old Danny is diagnosed with Heller’s syndrome and  Abbie and Tim have very differing opinions on how to best help their son.

Fast forward five years and Abbie wakes up from an accident to discover she is a technological marvel. Although parts of her life are now confusing, she is still devoted to Danny and she wants to be an active part of his life.  Abbie is still in love with Tim but she is beginning to sense that there is much more to her husband than that meets the eye. Can she completely trust his version of events about what happened to her five years ago? Abbie is becoming desperate for answers but what will she do once she uncovers the truth?

Unfolding from two distinct points of view, The Perfect Wife is a very clever mystery with a completely ingenious storyline.  Abbie’s perspective is written in second person which is unique yet very effective. Other chapters flashback to the past and are narrated by anonymous employees who  provide very interesting information about Tim and Abbie.  With the suspense building as Abbie gets closer to the truth, JP Delaney  brings this brilliant novel to a breathtaking, twist-filled conclusion that is quite stunning.  An utterly fascinating read that I greatly enjoyed and highly recommend!

Kathy Branfield

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