Redemption: My Father’s Story by Jean Lant

Everybody, at some point in our lives, desire redemption from a sordid past.
This debut novel of Jean Lant shares such a story of a man called Samuel Mercher who pines for redemption from the uncanny mistakes he had made. To fulfil his mission in his quest for redemption, he gets the assistance of his daughter Kathleen.
In his dying state, he reveals about a manuscript he had written for his daughter to learn about who the real Samuel is.
In her discovery, Kathleen reads about murder, stolen goods, lost loves and, a beginning to her life she knew nothing about.
Jean Lant takes us through this journey of Kathleen and Samuel, settling the readers at the edge, to find out if Samuel can complete his journey with finding redemption, or if he will forever be stuck in the misery he had created.
Although certain pages maybe a little slapdash, Jean has managed to entertain her readers with characters like Thelma, the step-wife of Samuel whose character lightens the seriousness of the story with a little touch of humour through her thespian nature.
Lively story-telling, sequential incidents, biblical illusions, Jean’s technique of story-within-story makes this book a ‘read at one sit’ that would entertain readers who look forward to stories based on true life events from the Drama/Thriller genre and impart an astounding lesson of hope and resilience for the lost and broken in mind.
The author of “Redemption: My Father’s Story“, Jean Lant was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She had spent most of her work life in some sort of customer service job. She had worked for the CNI newspapers as a receptionist and became a writer for the paper. This particular book had been inspired by a manuscript written by her dead father. Completing her father’s book idea in 2018, Jean Lant published her first edition of “Redemption: My Father’s Story” through the Covenant Books publication. She is also in the publishing process of her second book called ‘Bad Ladies’ and it is due out around the first of October.
Readers can purchase “Redemption: My Father’s Story” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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