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Thisura Daksith

Dawn of a Dove

Chirping hummingbirds with wriggling flies, Dancing butterflies to carefree crows, blossoming florets and awaken shrubs, They wonder, they ponder dazed in a maze   Where

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Beverly M. Collins


For years, we smelled smoke. The facade was on fire, still measurements went un-taken. Flames carelessly set by those who ignited lives as if humans

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Gale Acuff, PhD


I know how it feels when no one wants you –they won’t leave you alone. They won’t leave you alone. Their downcast eyes look through

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F. Zahra Yoonus

Holding back

Caught me by my wrist, held it tight, a halt from climbing up those stairs, that felt like eternity. Watched me stand and stare, as

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Nadhiya Nazeer

Trust your instincts.

This society will always comment about you and your works, Sometimes your dear ones too will deny your talent, They may warrant that you are

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