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Haniya Khan

Goodbye To Reality

Here I am again, back to the beginning, Temporarily happy, with this torture cycle That’s never-ending. Thought things would change when I went through those

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S.A. Ibrahim


The moment I heard the Imam christen my mother a name I’ve only read in books, I heard a sound synonymous to the creak of

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Nuha Faiz


‘Funny how you’ve got to get your heart broken ninety-nine times to feel numb on your hundredth’, she tweeted. Letting her long black hair on

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Rochelle Roberts


In my house there is a girl impersonating my sister. She speaks like my sister, breathes like my sister, her body is in the languid

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Feroz Mohamed


I stand by a wicked smile. Holding grudges over desert lines. Gods being menaced by moths and flies. Veils fail to save when the evil

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