Porcelain Weapons

I read somewhere

about this French artist

making porcelain weapons


They symbolise women,

delicate, yet dangerous,

or at least that’s what I remember


It made no sense

until you told me

I don’t seem attractive anymore


There wasn’t even a crack

on your colourless face,

no hint that you still feel


I cried that morning,

also later in the afternoon,

but you know that of course


You offered me a hug (ha ha)

like it would be even possible,

with porcelain weapons drawn

Tomáš Miklica

Tomáš Miklica (*1991) is a Czech journalist and author. Living in Prague, Aarhus and Brussels throughout the years, he wrote for magazines, newspapers or for the EU institutions. He writes prose in Czech and poetry in Czech and English. He has also co-founded a Czech version of the Google Poetics project, later leading to an e-collection of the AI poetry.


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