Dead Poets and the Lugubrious Living

Dead poets’ poems,

seen within the admiring eyes of the living.

The power of

sadness penned,

employing language, graceful

liquidity.  Poets who wept

their anguish upon

paper’s haven, suffering

laid out in words, using their fingers

as feet to take journeys of misfortune

and delight.


Deceased poets, once walking in another world,

held today in great regard

by bootless extants.

Dead poets dotting the skies,

the seas, and the landscapes

of books,

filled long ago with universal messages

traveled across time, to speak to

the equally wistful living.

Linda Imbler

Linda Imbler’s poetry collections include three published works by Amazon, “Big Questions, Little Sleep,” “Lost and Found,” and “Red Is The Sunrise.” Soma Publishing has published her three e-book collections, “The Sea’s Secret Song,” “Pairings,” a hybrid of short fiction and poetry, and “That Fifth Element.” Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at


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