Why does it feel like the sky,
is sending me a message?
A hidden letter with every raindrop,
drop by drop, it falls,
impossible to decode
with mere intelligence alone,
Stronger than any code word
that could ever exist.
With every drop that graces my cheek,
comes a silent kiss from the sky,
A promise whispered to me
that could never be heard,
but, felt by the heart.
The drops fall separately,
never merging with one another,
forming a perfect letter,
a ballad from the lover
in the sky.
With every drop
that slyly plays with my hand,
every drop shy of one another,
I see the beauty of this hidden letter,
a facade fabricated by the lover,
so that his message is read,
only, by his one true love.
A promise of love!
That’s what rain is,
A whispered confession made,
in front of the whole world,
but felt and heard,
only, and only by the eternal lovers.


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