Mind the strong one too.

You belong to a small family; you all are heading back home from a family trip at night. You all had fun whole day. You’ve climbed up a mountain, explored a tiny island and swum for hours in beach.  Finally, you all are on your way back home. There is a long way to go. Have you noticed who had been wide awake, driving the vehicle nice and safe even though they experienced an exhausting day just like you? It could be your father or mother…. or anyone who leads you.

Those people are always mindful of others. Especially to the people who they are leading; thinking from several angles with lot of what ifs, trying to understand others, sacrificing their own happiness and time for the well-being of others.

A leader is someone very important in any field. Either in a family, a company or a sports team.

There are high chances where you would have experienced this too. You can have a very resourceful team but if it didn’t receive the correct guidance, the timely instructions, encouragements and an “I got your back” kind of leader, you will eventually fail.

These leaders could be your father, mother, spouse, brother, sister, uncle, supervisor, captain, friend or anybody….

These people often act strong; taking care, helping and nurturing others but people should also understand that they are human too. They too have needs. They also expect appreciations, a pat on the back, forgiveness, a hug, encouragements, “Its okays” from others. Sadly, they do not receive these medications often.

Let’s provide medication.

Even though you are a powerful recovery vehicle that pulls out other vehicles that had met with accidents or had got stuck, you need to be fueled, oiled and maintained time to time too.

Mind the strong one.


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