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What do you really know about being happy and content with your career choice? Just get a degree and follow what your elders tell you to do and be depressed and stressed all your life? Or you get a degree in something that you really love to do and have a great sense of satisfaction everyday in your life?

Choosing your own career path and being happy is not easy as well, the hard work, the sacrifices and all the blood, sweat and tears that go through it. Let me talk to you about a career the very word about it sounds taboo to any parent or family. Event Management. As soon as a parent or an older person hears these words, they assume that you work in the music industry and in the clubs. They really don’t know the full meaning of what an ‘event’ really is. An event can be anything, a small birthday, conference, exhibitions, seminars, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, etc.

I am an event organiser, without me and my operational work an event can’t run and there are very few Hijabi Event organizers. Do you know how many families require events were they only need women to organize and take care?  Loads!

I hear the repercussion and criticism when I tell anyone that I am an Event Organizer. There have been people who come and tell me my work is easy, NO it is not. “This industry is not for us, you should think about your culture and religion”, Thank you  very much on your advice, but I have chosen this industry for my happiness considering my culture is always going to judge me for EVERYTHING and my religion does not forbid this. So I will hold my head up high in this industry to work my ass off even if I have to work 24 hours a day on site only because I love my job. I do not prefer a desk job so why should I be answering you or taking your consideration when you are a stranger to me? I receive discouraging words everyday but I never stop growing in my industry. This should be for everyone in any industry not just for me.

I want to conclude by telling everyone that my job in the Operational side of events is not easy but I love every second I spend doing it and I want other people to think about going into this industry and I want to encourage people to consider going down this path, maybe it is good for you or it is not, but why not take the risk and decide? That is what life is all about isn’t it?

Shaheeka Sharif

Extrovert running around UAE, yes running in circles. I bond over chai, books and cats.


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