Life – Unfiltered

The bridge of life is quite long,

Ups and downs are something that come along,

Every step forward,

Is one step closer to win

The crossword,

It can be exhausting

To custom yourself to the standards,

So don’t pull yourself in the grandeur,

One day it’s – white.

Others- it’s – black.

Real fighters survive in – grey,

Don’t fall short for unpleasant thoughts being a – prey,

Your arrival was without baggage,

Sail along the ship of life – survive with salvage,

Planting deeds of good, best and outstanding is the only cell we need to save – from damage,

Dream being sane and without sane,

It’s your story,

Don’t let others play the main,

Weave up the web of your life,

Make sure it’s full of wonderful elites,

Evoke the change,

Evolve like rage,

Welcome courage with pain,

Once identified

You’ll never fall again,

Hum to the sound of happiness,

Indulge with friend and foe with sadness,

Filter your mind,

Filter your soul,

Make the best home for your own whole,

Don’t long for shooting stars, they don’t own your goals

Pray to God to get your goals turn into folds.

Zahra Javed

Amateur wordsmith


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