Commander of My Heart


I’ve crossed mountains of lifetimes to find you.

I’ve climbed thousand walls

Just to be by your side

And answer as your lover.

Sadly, I’m not the one you stand with

When the music stops and the party’s over.


But I love you like dance-steps likes the sound

Of those lovely tunes from the strings,

Like the stars loves the sky and never wish to be departed from it.


Another breath without you,

Followed by an awful deep sigh leaving my heart soaked in worries,

I’m fading out, my soul misses yours immensely…


You’re long gone but I live in the very best piece of you,

It’s big enough, its safe, it’s the most quiet place in the world.


Will I get I to whisper into your ears again?

Those amazing puffy cheeks of yours

Yearns for my lips,

I can feel it cause you dance in my thoughts always.


Maybe the sacrifices would be worth it soon

As I get to hold the commander of my heart,

I’ll publish the testimonies

When the sun sets again on you in my arms

Leaving the stars to take charge at nightfall

While we cuddle all night!

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