Leave me unseen again

Canvas that can speak well, eloquent
See me paint a voice 
words splashing to blur, a charmer’s mime   
see me, my deprecated star 
I still make love, high on a skyrocketing way 
See me, my anthropomorphic God diluted in the reddest wine

a synchronised heart open to heartbreaks
roads that care for women with skeletal thighs
how they so much 
see me walking with them. 
How so unrelieved, 
see me never open to the clichés in the Force  
See me pillow-fight 
and my paper-weapon

vroommm –
See me love red a signal. My favourite, not.
Danger or Stop. No harmful cranny. Unlike any trial and error that this too,
see me change the password for the leftover Akasha.
And world by any means
my world
managing never to be frozen or yours

Jayanta Bhaumik

Resides in India, is in the field of Metaphysics and Astrology


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