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Victor Towoju

Victor Towoju

Bio: Victor Towoju is a Nigerian Poet. He is currently a 400L Geology student of Ekiti State University where he was awarded the Best Geosciences Student writer in 2018 and also nominated for ESUCA Award's best Student Poet. He is a lover of books, travelling and good music. He believe that good music means a good life and better inspiration. He has passion for reading literature works. His works has been published in anthologies like “the Written Rock”

I Hate You

I hate you so much that I don’t hate you, Sometimes I try to define your beauty. I watch as the wind hits your nose, The reflection of the sun in your eyes, The way the night sky steals from…

Paradise of Withered Roses

It is not a paradise, it is a hell! But don’t tell anybody, don’t tell a soul. Someone   Come my fellow ladieslet me show you the road that led me into the dungeon of shamelet me show you the…

I am.

The greatest mistake science ever taught mewas to make me think I am in the universe,that I am confined in dust,an image of billions,lost in the mirror of my own selflike a tarred road that ends in the dust. They…