A Letter to Myself

I love the way you smile

the way you squint your eyes when you laugh


I love the way you dance

when no one’s around


I love the way you talk about things you love the books you’ve read

the songs you’ve heard


I love the way you stare at stars

and talk to flowers

the way you sing even if it is out of sync


I love how you’ve taken lessons from the past

and refuse to dwell in it


I love that you are a little wise

and a lot more crazy

a little savage and a lot more empathetic


I know you hate your nose

and your fat arms

I know you’re tired of people telling you

to lose weight or to gain some more

because nothing ever satisfies them

I know you wished you had

a better face and a flat stomach


I know all of it.

all of your flaws and edges.

and let me tell you:

you’re lovely. for all that you are.


you’re perfectly imperfect.

and I love you.



Tanishka is a 17-year-old high school student who aspires to become a Human Rights lawyer. She is from Delhi, though currently living in Lucknow. She is an ambivert who loves to read, write and dance. She creates poetry out of her scars and nightmares. She writes and writes till she can finally put up a façade.


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