Get Up, Hang On, Then Run.


It is not a shame

To lose your footing,

To fall and break,

To let the darkness in

To cry out for help,

Because we live on a tightrope.

Hope might not be a comrade,

Since none hear your cry,

Yet you know,

That there’s a light somewhere,

Waiting patiently for you to come.

So start believing,

Heal slowly,

Get up,

Hang on,

Then run.

Run to the light

As fast as you can

And don’t stop,

Even if you’ve reached the light,

For the darkness is powerful,

Know also that courage is with you,

Courage is a diamond,

Buried deep inside us all,

It is hard to find,

Yet not impossible,

Same as the journey to the light,

Hard yet not impossible,

So get back up,

Hang on,

Then keep running.

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