If I were you I’d tell you why you didn’t deserve someone else, 
’cause that boy really loved you and was nothing but a bless. 

If I were you I’d defend your name when you weren’t present with me and few other, 
Making sure I don’t fabricate stories and tell you everything later when we’re alone together. 

If I were you I’d tell you I was afraid you’d end up with a good man being his loyal loving wife, 
’cause I was honestly very envious about how you once ditched me for the so called love of your life. 

If I were you I’d be ashamed for losing such an honest and love-able soul, 
’cause I really never thought you’d find out about how I made you look like a fool. 

If I were you I’d regret losing an honest best friend like you, 
Someone who always got my back and made sure I was straight even when I wasn’t so true.

Fathima Nuskiya Nasar

An anti-depressant with words and trying to communicate with the world for the same. I write what comes to my mind only to get better with time.


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