Creative Writing: 5 Tips That Will Make You An Ace Of Words

We learn to write from small. However, what they don’t usually teach us is to create. Creative writing is precisely that. It is to develop the ability to tell stories, create characters, generate environments and use your potential and imagination to develop a unique landscape. Best of all, it’s never too late: you can always develop it. And we are going to leave you some tips and tricks here. Besides, you’re in luck.

  1. Choose an image and Auto Write:

Look for something that can inspire you. In this case, an image. From here, an immense range of possibilities opens up. For example, you can try to describe the scene. Both what is happening and what has led to that happening, and what can be expected.

In this same line, another option is to let your imagination fly. You may not have to focus so much on the action and you can just dig through the emotion it produces. The interesting thing, in any case, is that you are able to develop and exploit the ideas that you associate with that photograph or picture.

Auto write

You have to stand in front of a blank page and start writing faster as you empty your mind. That is: stop thinking of absolutely nothing, and transcribing the flow of words that go through your head. There will come a point where you no longer have control of what you are writing. Or, at least, not consciously. And it will be right there when you will be surprised by the tremendous potential that was hidden inside you and that now emerges.


  1. A box of emotions and word constellation:

Not everything is about freeing your hidden creativity. It is also important to exercise something technically, and the box of emotions is the perfect exercise for it. In a closed place, you keep a series of papers in which positive and negative emotions are written.

And you extract papers by assigning that emotion to a character or situation. And the next step is to describe that situation. It has a random component that will force you to develop new strategies to communicate efficiently.

But, in addition, it is an excellent help to influence more in the psychology of the characters, to try to understand their internal functioning and the mechanics that move them. This way you can develop more human prose.

Word constellation

If you want to write, it is essential to have an extensive and well-applied vocabulary. How can you generate this virtue? Well, with this exercise. Suppose a stage in a story of yours is a museum.

Well, you write that word in the middle of a sheet and, from there, you draw branches with associated words. For example; sculpture, art or painting. And with each of them, you do the same.

You can work your imagination when it comes to understanding all the spaces in each scenario. And, at the same time, you exercise your vocabulary and worry about learning more. With a more specific mind map and with this extra word resource you can make more precise descriptions.

  1. Dialogue with your characters:

This creatively stimulates another facet of the writer, his ability to develop solid characters. If you want to write fiction, it is essential that the protagonists and children have their own entity. That one can really imagine them and understand them.

To do this, you have to be the first to understand what happens to them and what they are looking for. How can you do it? Very easy, create a dialogue with them. So, you can see which blank points exist. You may not have managed to define their personalities well, or you may even discover new things about them that may have some value for your story. In addition, it helps you define what type of expressions they use and the way they speak.

  1. Check a number of pages per day:

A very common mistake is to write only when you think you have something to say, or when you feel like doing it. But if you want to improve and take ease, you need to do it every day.

Even when you’re out of ideas. After all, inspiration can also be forced and practiced. How can you do it? Simple. Buy a notebook and mark yourself a number of pages that you have to fill in every day. So, you will build one of the most important things you have to count on: habit.

  1. Enumerations of the environment:

Imagine a scenario: city or country. Or even nonexistent; whichever. And start making a list with everything that is seen and everything that can be heard or felt. The more thorough, the better. The main challenge you are going to have is that you cannot be physically in the spaces you are going to create since they are imaginary. Therefore, to supplement that, it is always best to make a complex and exhaustive mind map.

These are just some of the things you may need, among many others. That is why there are so many courses that teach you how you can build a career by writing creatively. After all, it is something that you can learn and that a more qualified and experienced professional can explain to you.


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