Wrong or Right?

Is it wrong to wear my dress above my knees? Or is it right to be bold?

If the latter is right why is the former wrong? And if the former is right, why is the latter wrong?


 Is it wrong to fear the touch of those rough, raping hands? Or is it wrong to be confident that you’d take them down?

 Is it right to love everyone? To be loved by everyone?

Is it, then, wrong to feel hatred towards the one whom you love, loves the most?


Perhaps, is it wrong to be the colour of coffee, and right to be voluntarily bleached harshly?

Is it wrong to be bald without cancer? Or to colour hair in vivid green?


Is it wrong for an artist to be born amidst engineers? Or is it right to follow the money and not happiness?

Is it wrong when beggars beg and we laugh? Or is it right when we curse our life, being helped by no one.


Is it right that I should walk in shame on those five days? Or is it wrong to say this word aloud – ‘periods’?

Is it wrong to indulge in first-fist with boys? Or is it right to feel empowered as a woman?


Is it wrong to voice my opinion in my thick & loud voice? Or is it right to second everything they say, even if it is not good for me?


Is it wrong of her to say ‘No’, irrespective of his age, his dignity, his relationship with her?

Or is it right of her to nod when he nods & refuse any thing when he asks her to?


Is it right to spread the message of peace by GOD when thousands are killed in his name?

Is it wrong of her to have a muscular body meant for him?

Or is it wrong of him to have a thin frame and voice meant totally for her?


Is it wrong to crack a hole in the thin ice of society’s standards?

Is it wrong, even more, when you find a way to swim & survive?


Is it really a disease, when a female loves another female? Or a male loves a man of his dreams?

Is it really ‘uncultured’ to be a part of the LGBTQ community?

Or is it right to fill your mind with ‘homo-phobia’?


What is wrong? What is right?

Is there anything between them?

 Is it wrong of me to wonder this?

Or is it right to do so?

Vaidehi Nair

A teenaged aspiring poetess. Hopes to make it as big as Shakespeare. Mixes all the elements from around herself, wraps it around the nib of her pen and the page becomes a canvass where painting is in the form of words. Loves chocolate and also likes being healthy. Takes daily walking rounds 8-10 times if you can count the rounds from her room to the fridge.


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