Vengeful Soul

She bloomed within the cruel world!
The world which gave people reasons not only to laugh but also to cry,
The world where no one’s perfect, where every human dwelled in their imperfections.
but then there is She; Her imperfection makes her a threat?
Why? Because she’s dark?

Because she’s an orphan? 

Because she’s homeless? 

Because she’s abused

 Or just because she’s a girl?

She claimed herself worthy enough but they spiked her soul she’s nothing but a curse!
Despite the taunts and disgusted glances, she emerged out smiling,
She loved people nonetheless.
And she often wondered the reason behind their deviant nature,
Yet she never stooped to their level but pathetically the mistake she made;

She didn’t fight for her own self.

She let people walk all over her.

As a result, She began to doubt her own worth!
She gave way too much ,gaining nothing but torments in return 
After all what she’s been through
she was never the type to expect 
But that didn’t stop her yearning heart to want to be in love and to be loved! To feel the best feeling on earth!
“Would they celebrate if I’m long gone?”
She always wondered 
The image in her head perturbed her as she realized not even bystanders bothered to notice her coffin !
She still believed Humanity existed but much to her belief it was already fading too fast
The filth that came from the society’s mouth clouded her in utter darkness
Her insecurities doubled over day by day!
No crime was done yet she was in for self mortification!
They killed her soul long before her heart stopped its rhythm!
But when her body collapsed it screamed nothing but Revenge for the merciless murder of its soul!
Which of course as always went unheard of!
Just maybe if she had believed in herself, She would have been a sensation,
just maybe.

Sumaiya Nifraz

She loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that has soul.


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