The light abandoned

I feel the vibrations of a shifting reality from directions all around,
calling out a warning as the foundation crumbles down .
A vast chasm of darkness, held temporarily out of view, quickly now emerges,
my fate lies ready to reveal.
From the depths of this ebony cavern, there come the whispers of my name.
Closer now, I find my body drawn.
Curiosity peaking, I first bend, then kneel down.
Teetering ever nearer, i finally reach the edge.
Hesitantly, I turn to look around.
I find myself now trapped, between the darkness in front of me,
and the light I’ve left behind.
Each breath I seek to draw, silently stifled in suffocation, my every sense is growing weak, my will worn now thread bare.
I cry out for help, is anybody there?
Is there any escape from this unimaginary snare?
In desperation, and a heightened sense of fear, my eyes in a frantic search for a savior,
but isn’t anybody here.
There is not to be a rescue, nor a hand for me to hold.
Enveloped in this darkness, my body growing cold.
My fate displayed before me, another story never told.


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