Darkness has formed a thick veil over our gazes

Even gross darkness is glooming before our faces

Like the atmosphere surrounding the earth she has surrounded our hearts

Her irresistible enchantment has seized our sights like a masterpiece of art


Riding in her courts like a wish has now become a horse

Continually dwelling in her and her in us

Dining and wining in her flamboyant garden

Partying with her like a convict just granted pardon


Who says this kind of darkness comprehends light?

Why on earth will sunlight be compared with moonlight?

Who says the perfect way of life is by hiding behind shadows?

Who says grasses ain’t greener on the other side cos you’re restricted to one meadow?


What is this blindfold hindering our view?

What is this dangerous adhesive stuck on our pupils like glue?

What darkness is this?

What is this disease?


It is simply a stronghold of ignorance

Which has elated to a state of regression yet with arrogance

My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge.

Know now and grow now or be driven to the edge.