The Fall is Coming

The sun glares down on me whilst the cold in the air gives me goosebumps,

The days becoming shorter leaving sunsets with less of its colour and more of the darkness of the nights.

Everything is meant to change, change being consistent in life despite the inconsistency that lies within.

The fall, is coming.

The glowing flowers being sold out sooner,

Yet the leaves keep dropping like rain from above.

As I walk down these alleys with trees covering the sky above me,

I stomp on the leaves laying dead revelling in the crunchiness of it.

I think to myself often, “Could that have been its dying breath?”

This world has beauty lying within even at its last moments,

The sunsets, the ending of the call for a prayer, the dance that some traditions carry out at a funeral house, the tears of a bride when she’s married off to someone, the decaying of trees and all I think of for now?

The fall is coming.

Humaith Cassim

Drama enthusiast with a passion for screenplays and poetry.


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