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The dreadful detachment

My conscience was 
Collapsed, shattered, 
And deranged.
Every passing day I had to question my sanity, 
And regain my clarity. 
Our life revolved around Us.
And now,
What are the promises for?

“Friends Forever”
Was it just a phrase?

I try and erase the memories from my mind but
I’m unable to succumb
my heart to comprehend,
For it is a cage of its 
own rules. 

I’m now numb, as they say
No pain, No gain!

But is this true?
No more secrets,
No more ‘I’ve got your back’,
No more fun times and
No more “through thick and thin”.
Are we really back to strangers?

In this world of illusions 
am I deluded? 
If only this all was just a figment of my imagination,
Apparently not,
As dreams don’t break humans
Instead they mould us.
This is real!

As real as the early birds at dusk,
and the sunset at

They say ‘relationships’ hurt
Have they never experienced a friendship breakup?
I hope not
It’s inexplicable, 
Too alarming, and
Too touchy to ponder about.

We did meet as strangers but little did I know we’d leave as 
strangers too! 
A million memories flashed through me
But I knew then there’s no tomorrow anymore.
It’s foregone now,
After all, at the end of the day it was indeed just a phrase
“Friends Forever “

Sumaiya Nifraz

She loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that has soul.
Merak Administrator
She loves moonlight and rainstorms and so many other things that has soul.

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