The Beautiful Melody Of Silence

The beautiful melody of silence

Keeps me occupied

When alone

Enjoying solitude!


The melodious silence

Speaks volumes

Of meaningful and meaningless ideas

Passes mind every moment.


Nostalgia, the best mate,

Never leaves like a shadow

Hovers around to make sure

I am living, in the past and present!


The de-peopled space,

My own place,

Molds me and shapes me

Thus, rejuvenates me.


My time, surprisingly refreshes

My space and myself,

Of course, never immediately

But surely!


Hence, the beautiful melody of silence

Provides time to explore myself

Within those layered rooms,

Kept dark and many doomed

To bring forth myself

In the solitude!

Ms. Raeesa Usmani is a Lecturer in English at The Department of Biotechnology, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat, Gujarat, India. A Gold Medalist in M.A. in English Literature and Language, she received her M. Phil. Degree on Travel Writing. She is currently working for a doctorate. She has published poems in journals and magazines, i.e. Setu, Spillwords Press, Tuck Magazine, The Pangolin Review, Café Dissensus, an Anthology, “Muffled Moans: An Anthology on Abuse/Gender Violence”, GNOSIS: An International Journal of English Language and Literature, JMS: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal.

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