I lay down on a sun warmed patch of grass upon a hill,

And looking up to cloud-flecked blue, it seemed that time stood still.

The radiating warmth had wrapped my form in breezeless air,

My eyes closed quite unconsciously, my mind had not a care.


My thoughts were racing outward towards the deep and dark of space,

And asked the common question, how unique the human race?

Are we alone among the stars, or are there other forms?

The scientists say “yes” because their numbers set the norms.


And yet every single snowflake has no twin or duplicate,

Each fingerprint or earlobe shape, alone without a mate.

We may find life beyond our sight, but not like man on earth,

And isn’t that the essence of a sense of one’s self worth?


A rustle of the leaves atop a spindly aspen limb,

Awoke me from my reverie, yet my memory did not dim.

All life upon our planet is unique in space and time

I seek to please the cosmos by writing verse and rhyme


A trillion different forms of life, all gathered on one sphere,

And yet mankind still seems alone, no sentient beings near.

That life exists on other worlds would be no great surprise,

But alien life in human form will never greet our eyes.


I wandered down the hillside trying to take in all I saw,

Thinking just how short my time, ‘fore meeting death’s dark maw.

The wonder of creation, whose praises do I laude

while seeking out our cosmic roots? Perhaps there is a God.

James Geehring

I am an observational poet, fascinated with the wonders of life. I have worked many years with my hands and now hope the work of my mind pleases


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