Summer And Light Clothes

To pass through the hottest season of the year more comfortably and quietly, it is good to adopt some daily attitudes, such as: always stay hydrated, and wear light clothes. See below tips and looks trends that will dominate the summer.

Most Used Fabrics

Thermal comfort is essential in summer, whether at work or on vacation, surely you will prefer light clothes that do not give you the feeling of “suffocation”. Natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk, and crepe let the body breathe better and are therefore the most used.

Synthetic fabrics, except for viscose, tend to be less fresh. Although artificial, viscose is made of natural fibers, which also makes it a good choice for heat. When buying your looks, check the labels to know the composition of the fabric. Experiencing and feeling the lightness of clothing in the body also helps a lot.

Colours and Prints

Light clothes and preferably light colors. Heat is a form of energy, and colors can absorb a certain amount of energy. Dark colors are the most absorbent, so the closer your clothes are to black, the more likely you are to feel hotter. But nothing prevents a dark color look, the tip is to leave it for use at night.

Already the prints, the floral ones that bring the most lightness and romanticism in the hottest season of the year. Clothing with geometric prints and or animal print (small prints with a lighter bottom) are also a trend.

Lightness and Comfort

In summer always give preference to light clothes although it has a more formal and conservative style, you need to combine your looks thinking about the lightness and comfort that the season requires.

Basic pieces like jeans should be rethought during warmer temperatures. Prefer the pants of natural, fluid fabrics and looser modeling. Skirts and shorts are also trends. They can get basic make-up with a light tank top and some colorful accessories, or even a night look with sparkles and overlays.

The long dresses, especially the envelope model with slits and moorings bring comfort and elegance. We will also see a lot of linen overalls and also the little monkeys. Whether with pieces that make the body more or less apparent, betting on light clothing will always be the best choice.

Light Clothes Have Quality

Light, comfortable and fresh clothes. No need to bet on endless pieces to compose your summer looks, provided you have the right and quality options. Especially when we talk about natural fabrics, we need to choose good, beautiful and durable pieces.

No use quantity, no quality. So choose to have more options of good combinations, than pieces without much use for the season and your style. If you have questions about compositions or fabrics, ask at your store and or trusted consultant. Make the right choices, wear light, quality clothes, and radiate this season.

Sumiya Sha

The author of the site Shirts For A Cause. She is a fashionista, she always tries and sketches out new fashions that suit most of the people. She usually writes about the new dressing styles and latest trends about fashion. She also encourages her readers to share their own styling experience.


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