Stars of splendor

The hearts of those shining bright

Find peace and hope viewing the sunshine

On the most graceful beast’s streaming hair

Celebrating the beauty of the brawny mare.

Thousands of fanatics dream this ride

On the backs of wild stallions – Mustang and Arabian

To break free from captivity and embrace the life’s merit

To rebel the world like the horses with will power and spirit.

Speed and victory aren’t both impressive

If being humble doesn’t bring you joy  and pleasure

As the fillies races in their best speed to measure

But they still remains calm and displays a high splendor.

Gallop! – Off the ground goes all four hooves

Expressing elegance and dignity in all their moves

Neigh! – is the mating call that alerts the allies

At Least one stays up as a lookout, while the companions lie.

What knowledge can do, courage can command

If there’s no nobility that showers love and care for one another.

In their eyes shine stars of wisdom

Their hearts are armed with strength and freedom

For they will be the wonder of wildlife,

Saddling without wings, angels of all times.

Their beauty and personality truly stir the soul

To fix, to rise, to hit the goal.

Seema Marzook

I worry less about fitting into glass slippers and focus more on shattering the glass ceilings.


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