Stains of Blood

Paint me with ignorance,

Because I love that pain I get.

I’m addicted to it as much,

As I am addicted to you.

You’re always forgiven.


Paint me with hatred,

And I would still look,

Into those brown eyes,

Which are those like pools of honey,

Seen through sunlight.


But now I’ve got nothing,

To make the slightest remembrance of,

Your beautiful self,

For those are now gone memories.


Paint me with those lies,

Which you think would keep me at bay,

But instead it only pulls me closer,

Wanting to find answers.

Because I know I’m still there,

In you somewhere.


Paint me with anything you wish,

Just like a little kid playing on mud,

I would still stain myself,

Over and over again,

With my own blood.

Just to prove how much you mean to me.

Hassan Saajidh

Inspired by the quote by me "Obsessions can lead to endless possibilities"


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