To the ones who stay silent in air filled with words, 
I can hear you
Your lips sealed but mind wide awake, 
I know what you’re thinking 
How you play with your hair to avoid being noticed, 
I get you
To be there but not there is a task, 
I know, how you do 
When others flow words in absolute ease, 
You prepare your ‘yes’ with great squeeze 
Quietness never harmed anyone 
Nor me or you 
Speak up! Or you’ll be tagged boring, 
It’s all okay, don’t listen to their roaring 
It’s liberating to be quite, 
I know that feeling 
Silence never bothers you 
Because you practice it concealing 
Others voice ideas in- mic, 
Your pick is always the – pen 
Why don’t you speak?, 
I know you do with your eyes 
It’s less chaotic and more breezier I’m guessing, 
Up there where you grow seeds of pondering 
Silent and silence constants for life 
You do you, I promise you will suffice.

Zahra Javed

Amateur wordsmith


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