Our Guards

Long ago, we tend to be a happy society

a society of great happiness

a society of cool area

a society of the Blacks

a society of great influences.


Not until the Whites came,

and make us apart

thereby giving us another theory of which we know not.

Served us a little tense

and taking the intense.

oh my country, now a place of no peace

and a place of Insecurity.


Now, I have become a guard in their country

where there, no respect is given to me

where their children sees me as Uncle Tom

forgetting my lineage also sprout Ben Carson,

forgetting my lineage also sprout out Obama,

Forgetting other great heros my lineage sprout.


Oh now, I am now a guard with no recognition,

a guard to the unappreciative beings,

But I believe my leaders can change this job

which the whites have given me

if they prepare a good job

and make my nation a better place to live.


Olamide Sam

Olamide Sam is a Nigerian writer whose work has been viewed by different poets. Writers at allpoetry.com refers his work as a great one.


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