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Origami Love

Origami Love

How does love survive?
Amongst all the deception
The shiny facades,
Amidst the broken promises
the banal lies that you weave
and put a crown on
my heart,
for everyone to see.

Your burlesque love
barely surviving in the brittle
cage of my ribs
the loneliness knotted,
in my backbone
breaks and cracks at the sound of your voice.

Your healing touch has left
scars on my withering soul
you tell me, my love,
How do I survive that
deception of yours,
the camouflage?

I go through this hostile reality
to survive barely
with my wheezing breath
Tell me to love, How do I survive
in your wonderland?

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Made of the origami birds
folded gently with my hopeful flaky fingers
neatly folded at the corners
slowly dying a muted death
unable to fly.

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