My Youniverse

Waking up, opening eyes
Always am surprised
Because I know you’re with me
But I could never get used to it
So i sit there, and look at you
Breathe, peacefully in sleep,
Who’d want to disrupt that
There’s so much beauty
In my world, and I prefer
To let them be.

Hair messy and the face,
Still sleepy, you’d wake up
Kiss me good morning,
No word uttered,
I’d start to wonder,
How can I love something so much,
But answer comes soon when
You effortlessly,
curve that smile.

Have you noticed?
While you sip your coffee,
More often than not
I’d have let my tea go cold
I become lost, in
Your silence,
I let the beauty in my world,
Just be.

Shorty, you like
Being held,
It makes me feel special
When i kiss your forehead,
You’d whisper
I love you, to
my chest, like
My heart has ears,
But I do, and I’d take that
Any beat of mine.

You can’t walk without,
Holding my hand.
Those soft palms,
Makes me wanna crawl
Into something small
to be wrapped
by those lines,
I like to let,
the beauty be.

You fight me,
Because I give all
Of my love to you,
But not me,
I’m sorry,
I have this habit of
Wanting things to be
Where it belongs,
And darling,
I can never love me
Like you do.

And when it’s dark,
When we’re tired
I see you slowly
Fall asleep, and with the
Sound and rhythm
Of your breath,
You take me down with you,
The sweetest of all falls,
Every time in love,
With you again,
and again.

My Youniverse,
I thank every-time,
For letting beauty be,
For letting us,


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